Arizona Medical Transport, dba Arizona Medical Transit, LLC (AMT) was structured and registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2007 to provide service to the elderly, physically disabled and hospice populations of non-emergency medical transportation (N.E.M.T.).  AMT has been providing quality non emergency medical transportation since February 2007 with its current fleet of 20 Para transit vans. 

AMT vans are multipurpose with the versatility to provide all transports for stretcher, wheelchair, and ambulatory passengers.

AMT'S philosophy of ensuring that clients arrive at their medical appointments on time has helped health plans realize major cost savings while providing a valuable service to a vulnerable and often marginalized populations. 

AMT focuses on fulfilling the needs and special requirements of individuals who are enrolled in a hospice program or who must be transported to and from their medical appointments either by wheelchair, stretcher with or without oxygen or for those clients that remain independent and ambulatory but who require assistance from and by others.

AMT works closely with many insurance companies and has secured numerous contracts.  Please see the list of providers we contract with.  These Partnerships have enabled AMT to understand the needs of the diverse populations of the facilities we serve, as well as an exceptional understanding of the needs of hospice patients.

AMT has a proprietary dispatch and routing system called Match Track and Move TM .  This world class operating system in an industry first and helps substantially improve service, on time delivery and overall accountability.

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